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SUANFARMA’s Industrial Division is a leading provider of services and products, and it has an expert team of professionals in charge of managing the challenge of the complete process for developing, scaling, and manufacturing small molecule APIs both by fermentation and by chemical synthesis. We provide integral solutions for our customers to meet their challenges and market access.

We have two factories, CIPAN and SUANFARMA Italia, dedicated both to carrying out internal projects for the development and manufacture of small-molecule APIs and to providing CDMO services for external customer projects. Committed to excellence, we have the highest quality standards and the main regulatory certifications in the world, both in our own products and in CDMO services.


Located in Portugal, is specialized in the development and manufacture of complex pharmaceutical products with high added value. Throughout its history, 3 complete generations of Tetracycline-derived antibiotics have been developed. It is a facility of great versatility and flexibility, which combines the production of its own products (such as Tetracycline, Minocycline, Lymecycline ), with CDMO services for development and commercialization, offering our customers a proven track record and more than 75 years of experience in the API synthesis business (Chemistry and Fermentation).

Suanfarma Italia

Is a leading company in the development, production and distribution of small-molecule pharmaceutical APIs for human and animal health, with more than 50 years of experience. The facility is prepared to offer the best customized solutions, from cell line development to large-scale cGMP manufacturing, including a full range of analytical services and regulatory support.

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