Zeropollution®: The first oral solution to help skin cope with environmental challenges from within

Pollution is defined as the contamination of the earth’s environment with substances that adversely affect human health, quality of life or the natural functioning of the ecosystem. The World Health Organisation defines air pollution as the contamination of the indoor or outdoor environment by any chemical, physical or biological agent that alters the natural characteristics of the atmosphere.

We are exposed to air pollutants that have significant effects on our skin. The skin, as the largest and outermost organ of the body, acts as a physical, chemical, and immunological barrier against environmental factors. When prolonged and repeated exposure to environmental stressors exceeds the skin’s normal defense potential, there is a disruption in the skin’s barrier function leading to the development of various skin diseases.

Why choose

Zeropollution® is an all-natural patented ingredient, with a combined formula of botanical extracts such as rosemary, olive leaves, Sophora japonica and Lippia citriodora. The key to the great protection is the synergy of these extracts, which repair and protect all kind of damages thanks to their active compounds.

  • Recommended daily dosage: 250 mg.
  • Sustained by 1 human study.
  • Patented (US2021121391A1, EP3811926A1).
  • Identified mechanism of action.
  • It is an excellent supplement to add to a skincare routine.

Zeropollution® offers a complete protection from the inside, against damage caused by atmospheric pollution.

The effects of Zeropollution® in your skincare routine

Zeropollution® helps neutralise the main mechanisms of pollutant action on the skin, reducing the damage caused by pollutants.

  • Increases resistance to oxidative stress and reduces the inflammatory response of the skin induced by pollutants.
  • Inhibits the over-activation of the AhR receptor, the main biological pathway of the pollution stress response.

Zeropollution® contributes significantly to the hydration and repair of the skin barrier, leaving the skin smoother, and brighter, with fewer wrinkles and dark spots.

Zeropollution® repair and protect your skin's defences

In a double-blind, parallel-group study carried out on 100 outdoor workers living in a polluted urban European area, 250 mg of Zeropollution® improved all the parameters related to skin ageing exposed to air pollution, such as wrinkle depth, elasticity and firmness, skin moisturization and transepidermal water loss, and reduced dark spots pigmentation as early as 2 weeks of product consumption.

The oral intake of Zeropollution® could be considered a complementary nutrition strategy to avoid the negative effects of environmental pollution exposure.